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Based on the answers you gave, we've calculated the general performance (and current value) of your brand.






Your current brand performance is ranked FAIR.

Not bad! Not amazing either, however. The good news is that you’ve got some momentum going in the right direction that you can accelerate for next level performance and returns.

Strong brand performance translates directly to concrete business impacts:

Decrease the costs of acquisition

Decrease the costs of value creation

Increase average transaction value 

Increase customer lifetime value.

All of these translate to higher gross margin, giving companies the momentum they need to reach escape velocity.

Self-awareness is step one. The good news is by virtue of reading this, you’re already on the path!

Revenue growth of the most relevant brands outperformed the S&P 500 average revenue growth by 230% and EBIT growth by 1,040% over the past 10 years.

– Prophet Consulting

Make your brand an asset.

It’s time for your brand to start paying rent. Stop working on it and put it to work for you.
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Brand Performance Levers

We've curated a list of best practices to innovate and build momentum with brand:

Nurture a clear and compelling identity.

Uncover the raison d’etre (or, ‘meaning for being’) that drove the inception of your organization. Then codify and galvanize all stakeholders around those central values, beliefs, and way of being.

Make brand a strategic driver.

Brand is a matter of the highest level of organizational strategy, not an aesthetic or comms afterthought. Fully integrate it into your long-term business and marketing strategies.

Don’t chase customers; attract them.

If a sociopath changed on a whim to make you like them, how much trust would that build? Don’t be a sociopathic brand. Express your truth authentically at all times; You’ll attract more (and the *right) people.

Develop systems of congruency.

Make it quick and easy to be authentic. Create guides and processes to facilitate consistency across all touch points for maximal trust and affinity.

Engineer advocacy on your behalf.

Far and away the most effective marketing tactic in the history of civilization: word of mouth. Implement systems that nurture and incentivize people for sharing you with others.

Innovate at the level of brand.

How many companies have you heard are leveraging the science of brand for innovation and growth? This is a whole new frontier that elite brands are using to dominate the market. Join the party and gain an edge!