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Companies that nurture relevance consistently outpace the growth of the S&P 500 by 35% in revenues and 215% in profits.


Purpose-driven companies see higher market share gains, grow 3x faster than their competitors, and achieve higher workforce and customer satisfaction.


58% of consumers said to earn or keep their trust, it was very-to-extremely important for a brand to offer a relevant set of beliefs and values.


If Apple’s brand was a country, it would be the 20th richest country in the world. If it was its own company, it would be the 14th most valuable company in the world.

Why isn’t your brand driving growth?

The worlds most successful companies all share a secret: They’ve figured out how to skyrocket their brand value so that their customers are happy to pay more, buy more often, and get others to do the same. 

We have a secret too: We’ve cracked the code on how they do it, and our mission is to reveal the path to success through brand innovation.

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Innovate Through Brand To Out-
Maneuver Competitors

FLAGSHIP engagements

– Brand Futurecasting Sprint
– Brand Application Roadmap
– Product Development Sprint

Working with Prismonde has greatly contributed to the success of our vision and alignment as a leadership team. They have hands down been our best investment.

Mikaila Locsin, Manafest Health
Brand Futurecasting Sprint

Get Your Brand Right, Through Cognitive Science.

FLAGSHIP engagements

– Brand Identity Sprint
– Brand Culture + Onboarding Guide
– Brand Expression System Design

Exactly what I needed to standardize the message & image we want to represent as we prepare to speak with investors, onboard clients, write copy, etc. Our company’s identity is now a call to action.

Brianna Dickey, CropConex
Brand Culture + Onboarding Guide

Authentic Expression To Attract Your Tribe With Ease.

FLAGSHIP engagements

– Website Overhaul
– Product / Service Design
– Messaging & Comms Strategy

Prismonde was able to achieve our vision and then some while providing amazing guidance and insight throughout the whole process.

Allyssa Eclarin, Propel Software
Website Redesign

Transform Strangers Into Loyal Brand Evangelists.

FLAGSHIP engagements

– Social Media Content Design
– Brand Activation Sprint
– Brand Loyalty Strategy

They have a holistic strategy that identifies the core message and amplifies it on a market-ready social platform. They made me discoverable.

The headshot of Barry Brown
Barry Brown, Formation Labs
Social Media Content Design
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Capturing Our Clients’ Experience

A lesson in what powerful branding can be.

Through in-depth interviews and meticulous analysis, they seemed to effortlessly distill our purpose, identity and aesthetic direction — providing clear and practical strategies and guides for critical business and product decisions. What sets them apart is their ability to simplify complexity, their effective collaboration style, and their ability to truly listen.

Florence Shaffer

CEO, Becoming Co

Prismonde’s approach to brand is truly next level.

The ability to put exact words and images to your brand's identity helps your ability to raise money, to build a team, and to have people buy in for the long term. There are a lot of brands out there, and every one of them would benefit from this.

Chad Brownfield

Co-Founder & CEO, Manafest Health

They push ideas forward with their unique approach

I have worked with the Prismonde team on multiple projects, and they are unbelievable collaborators. Always thoughtful in their communication, feedback, and ideation; they push ideas forward with their unique approach to generating solutions and outcomes that meet company objectives.

Lajuanda M. Asemota

Executive Director, /dev/color

Prismonde was able to achieve our vision and then some.

We needed a team that could keep up with our deadlines while providing professionalism, curiosity, innovative ideas and excellent communication skills throughout the entire project. They took the time to fully understand our brand and messaging and worked with us every step of the way to ensure a high-quality product at the finish line.

Allyssa Eclarin

Head of Product, Propel Software

They made me 'discoverable.'

I needed professionally skilled people who could capture my original voice and sharpen my vision into an authentic and compelling message. Prismonde has a holistic strategy that identifies the core message and amplifies it in a market-ready platform. Their comprehensive research was like a deep listening session out of which they pulled a brand that was true to who I am and what I want to build in the world.

The headshot of Barry Brown

Barry Brown

Founder, Formation Labs


We’re On a Mission to Make Business Human.

Validated in Silicon Valley,
We Serve the World.

Every business problem is a people problem. We believe understanding how people think and behave unlocks innovative solutions for brands to create and capture more value for their stakeholders. Through human-driven design, we can align people to the brand—galvanizing teams and converting customers into advocates.

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