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Prismonde is a brand innovation lab. We design authentic brands that people deeply identify with.


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Our Approach is to Align with Authenticity 

Inside-Out: From Your Company to Your Customers 

Our methodology leverages cognitive science and military intelligence to enhance brand advocacy through a premium brand presence. Our deep knowledge of psychology, human behavior, and linguistics fuels our unique ability to discover subconscious knowledge our clients hold; unlocking a new level of alignment and performance. We use these insights to design profoundly meaningful experiences, maximizing brand loyalty and influence.

Based in Cognitive Science

Trained by the U.S. Military

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Repositioning to Attract Large Enterprise Clients


Propel is a SaaS Startup competing with bahemouth legacy companies. In order to continue to expand their market share and attract larger enterprise clients, they need their website to establish strong credibility and position them as a leader in their industry.


First we crystalized their brand identity and aesthetic. Next we facilitated a strategy to identify key audience segments, develop user personas and design a unique UX for each. Lastly we engineered the perfect sitemap and designed the page templates.


With this new website, Propel unequivocally earns the perception as the leading brand in their industry. Not only that, they now have a website engineered to facilitate seamless buyer journeys for their key target audiences, boosting conversions that impact their bottom line.


Evolving to Attract Investment


Family Proud is building a platform to make receiving and providing support for people as simple as possible. Improving their product UX and brand presence will be critical to attracting the investment they need to turn their vision into the real-world impact it can have.


To reach their goals, we provided a unique blend of strategy consulting on their product, brand, and long term vision. We applied user testing and design strategy to transform the UX and UI of the app. Once uncovering a powerful brand narrative, we partnered to reimagine their investment deck. And finally, we updated their brand expression across various media.


Family Proud now has a cohesive vision for the platform that aligns with their brand and marketing strategies. With a refined and congruent brand presence across all marketing and web platforms, a user-friendly app, and a reconceived pitch deck, they’ve been able to secure funding to fuel their next phase of growth.


Creating a Culture of Experimentation


LinkedIn’s Workplace Innovation Lab is designing the future of work. To stay ahead of the curve, they need to extend innovation and experimentation efforts beyond their walls, in a strategic and measurable way. The goal is to foster a company-wide culture of experimentation.


We conducted R&D to engineer a bespoke innovation and experimentation methodology. We also developed a strategy for a larger system to capture, categorize, and measure experiments and results across the company. Lastly, we developed a communications strategy for deployment.


A comprehensive experimentation methodology and learnings documentation strategy. We also co-lead a pilot program where we developed a ground-breaking workplace seating strategy to maximize space efficiency and encourage cross-pollination and innovation in the workplace.


Our Succes Lives in Our Clients' Success

Partnering to Unlock Growth & Influence

“We needed a team that could keep up with our demand and deadlines while providing professionalism, curiosity, innovative ideas and excellent communication skills throughout the entire project. Prismonde exceeded our expectations on all accounts. They took the time to fully understand our brand and messaging and worked with us every step of the way to ensure a high-quality product at the finish line. Prismonde was able to achieve our vision and then some while providing amazing guidance and insight throughout the whole process.”

-Allyssa Eclarin, Head of Product

I have worked with the Prismonde team on multiple projects, and they are unbelievable collaborators. Always thoughtful in their communication, feedback, and ideation; they push ideas forward with their unique approach to generating solutions and outcomes that meet company objectives.

-Lajuanda M. Asemota, Executive Director

Prismonde’s approach to brand is truly next level. The ability to put exact words and images to your brand's identity helps your ability to raise money, to build a team, and to have people buy in for the long term. There are a lot of brands out there, and every one of them would benefit from this.

-Chad Brownfield, Co-Founder & CEO

Validated in Silicon Valley.

We Serve the World.

Prismonde is on a mission to make business more human.

Every business problem is a people problem. We believe understanding how people think and behave unlocks innovative solutions for brands to create and capture more value for their stakeholders. Through human-driven design, we can align people to the brand—galvanizing teams, and converting customers into advocates.


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