Strategy & Product Design For Family Proud

evolving to attract investment




Brand Identity Sprint
Product Development
UX + UI Design Sprint
User Testing Report
Pitch Deck Narrative + Design
Website Refresh
Social Content Strategy


Family Proud is building a platform to make receiving and providing support for people as simple as possible. Improving their product and brand presence will be critical to attracting the investment they need to turn their vision into the real world impact it can have.


To make the transition into an attractive investment opportunity, we provided a unique blend of strategy consulting on their product, brand, and long-term vision. We applied user testing and design strategy to transform the UX and UI of the app. Once uncovering a powerful brand narrative, we partnered to reimagine their investment deck. And finally, we updated their brand expression across various media. 


Family Proud now has a cohesive vision for the platform that aligns with their brand and marketing strategies. With a refined and congruent brand presence across all marketing and web platforms, a user-friendly app, and a reconceived pitch deck, they’ve been able to secure funding to fuel their next phase of growth.