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Manafest is a new alternative health company with an ambitious vision. In order to hit the ground running, they need to establish a robust brand identity and expression system that, upon first glance, communicates their credibility and the quality of their products.


We began with our Brand Identity Sprint to uncover their authentic brand and translate it into aesthetic expression. Creating key brand assets (logo, typography, colors, etc.) allowed us to apply their brand system to product packaging, marketing, and social media designs. Lastly, we lead them through our Brand Innovation Workshop to set a clear course for growth into their ultimate vision.


Though only recently entering the market, their top-tier brand system & design immediately set them in a different class from competitors in their space. That distinction was reflected in their ability to reach top 5 in search on amazon within days of their launch. They now have a brand system and strategy to carry them into their vision.

Prismonde is the real deal. We tried several design partners prior to finding them and the quality of work is incomparable. Their brand identity workshop revealed what we are truly seeking to bring to our customers. The framework empowered us with the clarity and confidence to push forward with or without their continued support. Our packaging and marketing is creative and well thought out, and stands far and above our competitors. Working with Prismonde has greatly contributed to the success of our vision and alignment as a leadership team. They have hands down been our best investment. I highly recommend working with Prismonde if you’re looking to take your business and branding to the next level.

Mikaila Locsin

Co-Founder & COO