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As veterans there's some overlap of shared values and mutual respect, and the benefit of shared experiences.

Prismonde is an evidence based brand innovation lab that understands the science of how people think, conceptualize themselves, and relate to others. Using intelligence training from humint and information operations, mixed with cutting-edge cognitive science, and method for driving results proven with top-tier global brands, we create effective, repeatable, and sustainable relationships.

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Why work with US?

Principal Strategist Damien Foord's expertise in creating intense customer relationships and building elite teams provides the unique ability to convert brand innovation from art to science,  identifying and capitalizing on untapped opportunities.

Our mission grew out of a necessity to offer an alternative to the traditional, snake oil tactics of the industry that have fostered an environment of mistrust and skepticism.

We seek to approach brand innovation and marketing strategy with the same rigor and scientific underpinnings developed through humint and information operations.

Our obsession with people reminds us that businesses are not machines, they are groups of people. People that can be understood, properly targeted and influenced.

When your business develops these types of relationships systematically, you'll spend more time perfecting what you do best—the core business—resulting in improved product/service delivery and accelerated returns.

It's this exact formula the most beloved brands use to also become the most profitable companies in the world.

If you'd like to connect the significance of your brand to the success of your business, and ultimately build effective relationships that create predictable customer behaviors and lasting results, you've found the right team.

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